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Quirky yet traditional

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Life is a Grimm Tale (sometimes) to London-based gypsy jazz band Tankus The Henge. Described as members of the steampunk sub-culture, these eclectic eccentrics are taking the UK festival scene by storm, with a catchy, stomping, genre-crossing, rabble-rowsing repertoire.


We're very excited to announce that Rock & Roll's Greatest Failure John Otway will be performing at this year's Pewsey Music Festival. "Cor baby, that's Really Free!" Extensive touring, a surreal sense of humour, a self-deprecating underdog persona, and a commitment to do it "Otway" have built John a sizeable cult audience. This September John is recording his first album of new songs for ten years through Kickstarter. Here's a photo, prepared earlier, of John - on Hoover - with Wild Willy Barrett.

Tankus The Henge - The Doors of Perception - John Otway
Sonic Meds - The Apes of Rock
Pewsey Male Voice Choir - Kennet Vale Brass


Saturday 6th August 2016